U SESSIONS invites artists to make music at unique locations in Utrecht. The goal is to give everyone a spotlight in times of the coronavirus. On the one hand, U SESSIONS shows the amazing locations Utrecht has to offer and on the other hand, U SESSIONS gives the opportunity for creatives to create music videos.

I was asked to direct, film and edit the very first music video of U SESSIONS. Since we live in scary times, considering the coronavirus, I did had to think twice before I said yes to this great job. Although, I could not resist this opportunity and I agreed to film this. Check out the music video to see the end result.

The website of U SESSIONS: https://usessions.nl/x/rooibos/


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  1. One can learn something new here everyday. Im a regular for most of those blogs, but still didnt know about a couple of them. Cathee Claus Ros

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