Hopsa Heisasa

This film about a lonely boy named Willem who sets out to rescue his kidnapped teddybear from Isra, a drowned refugee girl. But when Willem discovers that Isra is afraid to go on towards the afterlife because the ocean waves took her own teddy bear, they embark upon a journey of love and solace.

The film had an official screening at the ‘Film By The Sea Film Festival‘ in 2020.

The official trailer of the film.

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The official filmposter.
The CineCrowd trailer of the film.
  • Written & Directed by: Vincent van den Ouden
  • Executive producer: Lisa de Bye
  • 1st AD: Majorie Brouns
  • Assistant director & Continuity: Nena Tijsma
  • 2nd Assistant director: Gijs Suy
  • Children’s counselor: Mounir Aboulasri
  • Production assistants: Elja ten Velden, Rica Pietersen, Levi Oreel, J. Rubbens
  • Director of Photography: Jan van Ooijen
  • 1st AC & Focus puller: Niek Groven
  • 2nd AC: Ellen Gubbels
  • Gaffer: Daan Strampel & Marc Raps
  • Best boy: Twan Bosman
  • Sound recorder & Sound designer: Jason DeGraw
  • Production designer: Diana de Nooijer
  • Set dressers: Channa van Balen, Flore van Sparretak, Wahine Wisse
  • Art assistant: Remco Texer
  • Make-up & Hair artist: Evita Feltsadas
  • Costume design: Leila Boukhalfa
  • Music composer: Johan van der Voet
  • Willem: Tim Klumpers
  • Isra: Romaissa Badrising
  • Evelien: Gwen Albers
  • Isra’s vader: Mounir Aboulasri
  • Isra’s moeder: Jadey van der Put