Retina is a short film that was filmed in December, 2019. In April 2020, the first première of the movie took place at the GoShort Film festival’ in Nijmegen. As the executive producer of this film, I was responsible for the entire production: 12 different locations, 28+ crew members, 2 cast members, 5 extra’s, a lot of props, multiple sleeping arrangements, 100 (or more, no clue anymore haha) to-do lists and 20 meetings.

Retina has been broadcasted on the Dutch television network Omroep Gelderland on January the 3rd, 2020.


Retina is a dystopian romance/drama about a young lady who lives together with her boyfriend – in a dystopian world – in a small village surrounded by lots of nature. The film does not focus on surving this world, but focuses on the freedom and the pressure this world creates for your relationship and personality. The biggest challenge for both of the characters is to live a happy and meaningful life together during these new and unpredictable situations. Together they have to find out where they stand in this new world without extra outside pressure and without any norms and values imposed by society.

Here are some BTS (behind the scenes) photos:

Meet the crew:

  • Director & Writer: Niels Veenendaal
  • Producer: Lisa de Bye
  • Director of photography: Thomas Leur
  • Co-production & distribution: Go Short
  • Production manager: Didi Spaans
  • 1st AC: Nils Viken
  • 2nd AC: Niek Groven
  • Sound recordist: Anders Holmes
  • Art director: Julia Timmerman
  • MUAH: Anne Peters & Jay Derks
  • Music composer: Ramon Lookman & Gerrit Elbrink
  • Colorist: Davey Anthony
  • Sound designer: Thymo Boog
  • Set Photography: Valerie Spanjers

Meet the cast:

  • Fleur: Annelieke Joosten
  • Olivier: Jacob de Groot
This is the official teaser of the short film Retina.

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