ALEX (2021)

ALEX is a film about a young woman named Alex who lost her little sister ten years ago. Alex does not know how to live without her sister and is afraid to show her pain to the world. 

Together with Alex, we lose ourselves in her thoughts by entering her dream world. In this dream, Alex relives some old memories of her sister and tries to process some aspects of her loss. She knows she has to continue living without her sister. Will Alex be able to let go of her sister Ella? 

First official still from the film ALEX.

This film is not just a fiction film, but it also has the feeling of a fashion film. The clothes that we were able to use are from the stores @AYUtrecht, @PlukandPaloma, and @Love4Beads from The Netherlands. AY (Adore Yourself) sells clothes from famous clothing brands such as Valentino and Blanche.

We have filmed at the most beautiful locations in The Netherlands:

  1. WONDR Experience Museum, Amsterdam
  2. Grand Hotel Karel V, Utrecht.
Second official still from the film ALEX.

As the writer and director of this film, I want to dedicate this film to everyone who had to cope with loss! The subject of grieving and mourning is not a normal conversational matter to most people, which is a shame. It is normal to grieve for as long as you want/need and therefore, I want to make this film. 

Meet the crew:

  • Director, Writer & Producer: Lisa de Bye
  • Producer & Editor: Didi Spaans
  • Production manager: Eza Doortmont
  • Director of Photography: Roeland Bentvelzen
  • 1st Assistant camera & Focus puller: Massimo Randag
  • 2nd Assistant camera & Focus puller: Tom Selbeck
  • Underwater cameraman: Bas Andries
  • Steadicam operator: Eduard Goedhart
  • First assistant director & Floor manager: Eza Doortmont
  • 2nd floor manager: Ron Groenewoud
  • Gaffer: Robert Hofman
  • 1st Light assistant: Lieneke Veen
  • 2nd Light assistant: Nina Miège
  • Art director: Christianna Tsigkou
  • Sound recordist & VFX artist: Alrik Wiggers
  • 1st Sound assistant: Laura Huygen
  • Script continuity: Marit Voskuil
  • Make-up and Hair artist: Lona Cerutti
  • Assistant make-up and hair artist: Dana de Bye
  • Production assistant: Luka Geelen
  • Sound designer: Yorick Sedee
  • Music composer: Nestor Romero Clemente
  • Color grader: Bruno Ramos
  • Data handler: Thomas Greven
  • 2nd Data handler: Massimo Randag
  • BTS Photography: Gaia M.C. Cittati

Meet the cast:

  • Grown-up Alex: Dominique de Bont
  • Ella: Liva van der Hoeven
  • Young Alex: Scarlett Smith

The film was released in the summer of 2021!

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Two podcasts about this film, one with ‘Stichting Humanitas’ and one with podcast Doodnormaal, were released in July, 2021.