Hi there and welcome to Lisa’s story!

Lisa grew up in The Netherlands where she discovered the love for filmmaking. She started making documentaries at the age of 16, while still being in high school and decided to make a change in storytelling. After graduating from Stenden University of Applied Sciences with a minor in filmmaking, Lisa founded her own freelance film company.

Lisa Alexandra de Bye

Lisa Alexandra de Bye established herself as an award winning director and writer. She differentiates herself by focussing on the following genres within the film industry:

  • Short films that tell important stories, dive into different worlds, create new formats and inspire.
  • Revealing documentaries about untold, new and interesting subjects – retrieved from thorough research.
  • Narrative fashion films for companies in order to show the mission and vision behind the brand and/or clothes.
  • Promotion films that represent the brand image, the look&feel and the brand identity in a creative manner.
Editing a fashion film
Producing on set of a short film