Theatre, photography, music videos, advertising, narrative film.


 Fashion film is a genre that seemingly defies definition and transitions fluidly between the above-mentioned formats: an artistically rich and important tool of fashion communication

Fashion films have become the new frontier of brand communication – somewhere in between the classic storytelling and the exaltation of typical brand commercials.

Fashion brands combine emotion, image, and perception. They need to continuously develop, implement, and further innovate their digital strategy in order to retain and further develop their brand.


With the help of fashion films, fashion brands can create an immersive and innovative environment online. 

It is the first time that an audiovisual format shows the incredible fashion universe to the world, and let the brands express a whole world of human feelings. Humanizing brands makes it easier to engage current and future customers.

The fashion film showreel of L.A.B. Film Productions.

An excellent story is the key to successfully seduce viewers and to engage them.

Fashion film is the natural evolution that fashion brands need to do in the digital era, because of the digital behavior of younger consumers. The internet is an interactive medium and fashion film is the proper way to facilitate the use of interaction without betraying its essence.